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~ Updated July 3, 2017

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Domestic solar power is the final frontier to bring America closer to the realisation of sustainable renewable energy. So far solar power has proved to be the most dependable and energy efficient option when compared to wind power and magnet power. This short article is going to explain for you some of things you need to consider when looking at domestic solar power and also your likely options.

Domestic Solar Panels

When it comes to domestic solar power there are really only 2 options; build your own solar panel system or get someone else to build it for you. Whichever way you choose to go will depend on your budget and personal preference.

The current commercial pricing levels for domestic solar panels severely limits the growth of this technology. In other words, the prices solar franchise companies charge are way too expensive for the ordinary American family home. If America is to really go green and move towards a sustainable energy economy, there needs to be a move towards more user friendly DIY solar energy options.


The commercial prices these companies charge for solar panels is well in excess of ten thousand dollars. More often then not, the price will be double or even triple this amount depending on your consumption and requirements. This is a serious barrier for most regular families.

Most people relate home made solar energy to wealth. Sadly, it is true that the only people who can afford this option are the top 5% of the population. The domestic energy market is very lucrative and there is a lot of money to be made. The profitability of these firms is comparable to the oil sector, which is good news for investors and businesses in this sector. However, it's bad news for domestic solar power growth and consequently, the environment.

Build Your Own Domestic Solar Power System

Given the current state of the domestic solar power sector the only foreseeable way forward is through the promotion of low cost DIY solar kits and guides. If you haven't heard by now, there is a growing trend and demand for these products which help the regular American family to create their own domestic solar power.

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Domestic Solar Power

The guides themselves cost less than fifty bucks and they include comprehensive plans, videos and support. They describe exactly where to find all of the parts you'll need and also how to put them together yourself. Even if you're not that technically inclined, you can always get the plans and all the parts and then hire someone to put them together for you. An electrician or handyman would do this for an hourly rate.

State and Federal Domestic Solar Power Initiatives

Currently the tax breaks and rebates for domestic solar power producers are tailored mostly to those who use a solar company or franchise to supply and install their solar power system. Forward thinking states like Florida offer tax rebates to home owners who proactively install renewable energy solutions. This can literally save you thousands on a commercially installed system, or if you do a DIY install you could end up paying nothing at all. For a complete list of the state, federal and local entitlements check out the national database at

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